Transform to radically customer-centric

Teach your multidisciplinary teams how to start working radically customer-centric using behavioural psychology.

Why join this training?

If your multidisciplinary teams need to bring the customer into the heart of your customer journey, this is the right training for you. We’ll teach your teams how to use the science of behavioural psychology to reveal true human needs and convert these into strategies and ideas that deliver real human value and business opportunity. 

What do you get?

A custom two-day training which is followed up by six months of Continuous Learning, tailored to an organizational, team or project challenge, to get your teams(s) up-to-speed with the essential principles and techniques of behavioural psychology that are unified in a pragmatic method that they can start using right away.

What is the investment?

Our in-company foundation training is a fixed investment per group in which you can enroll up to 10 people. Would you like some more information? We’re here to help you!

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The Behavioural Design Academy master classes hand you the latest insights in persuasive marketing. Thanks to practical models you can start working with them right away. Really useful and absolutely worth the time and money.

Lissy Kenema
Lead Marketing Manager Rabobank

“It was so great to see how theories and examples came together in a practical, hands-on method. I got insight into the essential principles quickly and learned how these could be applied in practice (and actually also into our own mutual practice).

Ingrid Vrieling
Project Manager Tempo Team

BDA is right for your company if you want to...

Learn how to become truly customer-centric
Increase your impact with human-first strategies and ideas
Make your marketing & communication persuasive
Create irresistible products and services
Increase your sales & optimize your conversions
Get truly excited customers/users
Improve your consumer decision journeys
Unleash your own creativity
Convince people, win arguments and pitch ideas to win

BDA is not right for your company if you want to...

Get theoretical knowledge only, not learning by doing
Be primarily brand focussed not human focussed
Avoid transforming knowledge that challenge paradigms
To train less than five people, we have an open edition

You can choose from 3 programs

We offer 3 programs to tailor to what output you need from the training. We’ll help you pick the right program.
All in-company programs have a foundation of two-days of live training combined with 6 months of Continuous Learning.

What's your job to be done?

Our entire company needs to become customer-centric and understand how human psychology and decision making works. It should become second nature of both our management as teams. I'm looking for both a leadership and team training, teaching them a shared way of thinking and method to implement this in practice. I'd like guidance with truly internalizing the acquired skills and I'd like to work on a real business case right away, so we finish up the training with tangible strategies or ideas that are truly human-centered.
I need some of the key players within my company who are responsible to manage the customer journey to learn how to become customer-centric and deliver human value throughout the entire consumer decision journey. I want them to learn a systematic method to get insight into human psychology and decision making that they can bring as their expertise into the teams they're working in. Making them a specialist in human behaviour, and the engine to get ideas out of my multidisciplinary teams that my customers need and want. I want them to be guided to internalize their new skills.
I need my multi-disciplinary (scrum) team(s) to learn how to become customer-centric and put human value into the entire consumer decision journey. I want them to gain a deep understanding of the psychology of my customers, so they will know how people make decisions and how they can influence their behaviour. I am looking for a training that teaches them new skills and not just theory. And I want these new skills to be used, so I am looking for both longer guidance and practical tools that help them use their new skills in practice.



Fixed Fee ex. VAT
  • 2-day track sr. management
  • 2-day track senior team leads
  • 6 months digital learning
  • tailor-made training
  • official certification
  • 24/7 downloadble tools
  • access to alumni benefits
  • training open up to 16 people
  • 2 half-day refreshment days
  • 1 implementation workshop*
  • delivery implementation plan
  • 10 hours of consulting

ManagersMostly picked


Fixed fee ex. VAT
  • 2-day track sr. management
  • 2-day live master classes
  • 6 months digital learning
  • tailor-made training
  • official certification
  • 24/7 downloadble tools
  • access to alumni benefits
  • training open for 16 people
  • 1 half-day refreshment day
  • implementation workshop
  • delivery implementation plan
  • 10 hours of consultancy



Fixed fee ex. VAT
  • 2-day track sr. management
  • 2-day live master classes
  • 6 months digital learning
  • tailor-made training
  • official certification
  • 24/7 downloadble tools
  • access to alumni benefits
  • training open for 12 people
  • refreshment days
  • implementation workshop
  • delivery implementation plan
  • 10 hours of consultancy

* We have several Implementation workshops to pick from such as ‘Prototyping’, ‘Interviewing’, ‘Persuasive Copywriting’, ‘Perfect Pitching’. You can choose what fits your needs or we can develop a customized workshop for you.

Are there more programs?

We can always make a whole tailor-made training if you wish so. Could be to highlight certain subjects, or to train certain target groups (we’ve also got special Leadership training). Just contact us for discussing the possibilities.

Want some more info?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want some more information. We’re happy to tell you more or give you examples of in-company trainings we already did at companies such as Randstad, Rabobank, Fit for Free, KPN, SportCity.

What will your teams learn?

There are four core learning modules, consisting of a combination of high-end master classes and interactive workshops that will help your teams master The Behavioural Design Method™ while working on a relevant company case.

Four Core Learning Modules


You’ll understand human decision making, and will grasp why people do things or why they don't. You'll know where to start from if you want to change or influence behaviour.


You’ll learn how to research people’s behaviour and to reveal new opportunities by identifying your users’ pains, gains, habits, and anxieties.


You’ll learn how you can come up with ideas that will effectively change behaviour even if you're not a creative, and you’ll know how to develop strategies people will embrace.


You’ll learn how to test, analyze and improve the strategies and ideas you came up with. And how to convince others of your working ideas and strategies.

The Program Breakdown

The Foundation Module

Every truly transformative learning experience is built on a strong foundation. In this module, we’ll start by teaching you the fundamentals you’ll need to master to become a successful behavioural designer. We’ll start by giving you some clarification of the buzzwords you’re surrounded with right now, like design thinking, human-centered thinking, and behavioural design. So, you won’t be puzzled by that anymore and will be in the know.

Next, we’ll reveal the importance of behavioural design in the world. We’ll show you the impact it can make and how you can make this impact too. We’ll illustrate this with real-life examples.

We’ll continue this module by teaching you the fundamental need-to-knows of the science of human psychology. What are the breakthrough insights in this field? What do you need to know about human decision-making? Which forces influence human behaviour? How can you reveal those forces and how can you make them work for you? Why do people do things or don’t do things? How can you spot opportunities that help you come up with ideas or products that people want to embrace? You will gain a deep understanding of human psychology, and you’ll be able to spot a behavioural design problem and opportunity in every challenge you’ve to solve.

Finally, we’ll bring this together in a very hands-on tool that we’ve developed, called The Influence Framework™ that will connect the dots of the acquired insights in a very logical and practical way. And you’ll learn to work with the model in an interactive workshop working on a case that you’ll be working on with team-mates during the two days. So, you’ll be learning by doing right from the start.

The Research Module

In this module, we’ll deep dive into the first step of The Behavioural Design Method™: Research. There’s no strong idea that doesn’t start with a strong insight, but the problem is that most research doesn’t come up with groundbreaking insights. Or even insights that are in any way meaningful. That’s because most research doesn’t start at behaviour or is researching the wrong behaviour. People are filled with good intentions and will tell you in interviews that they’ll do something – like using your product or complying with your policy – but in practice, they’ll end up not doing it. Proper behavioural research – or we even prefer calling it behavioural analysis – can save you expensive and timely mistakes and will give you real insights that will lead to predictable behaviour.

In this module, we’ll teach you how you can accurately research behaviour. To be exact: how to research past behaviour, the only truth out there, as this happened. We’ll start by showing you which barriers people may have in interviewing; we’ll teach you interview-techniques, we’ll give you tips and pointers on how to set-up a useful interview script and then you’ll put it in practice in an interactive workshop.

Insights are kinda worthless if you a) analyze them wrongly and b) not use them correctly (or at all for that fact: how often are research reports not genuinely used in strategy or idea development). A key pillar of the success of our Behavioural Design Method™ is that the different phases – research/ideation/prototyping – are intertwined and therefore build upon each other. That’s why we’ll end this module with a practical tool again: The Behavioural Design Canvas™. We’ll teach you how to map interview insights on the canvas and how to define opportunities that will lead to the behaviour you desire. Again you practice with this tool in the program case, so you’ll know how to use it when we’re not around anymore.

The Ideation Module

In the Research module, you’ll have acquired the behavioural insights needed and now is the time we’ll teach you the behavioural design tools and techniques to come up with ideas that will change behaviour. You’ll be introduced to the very elegant and the easy-to-use Behavior Model of BJ Fogg. We’ll teach you about motivation, ability, and triggers. We’ll also teach you a technique that will make sure the best creativity comes out of a diverse group. You’ll start practicing with this tool right away in your workshop, creating ideas for your in-company business challenge you’ll be working on. You’ll be amazed by the quantity and quality of the ideas you’ll come up with within the limited time available. Whether you’re already a creative or a creative newbie: we’ll rock your world on creativity can come to be.

Ideas are one thing, but getting them to the right people and getting them excited about them is another. We’ll end this module by teaching you our Flow Model™. With this model, you’ll know how to set up a smart campaign that leads to the desired behaviour, and you’ll know how to create working strategies. It helps you converting strangers to visitors, visitors to contacts, contacts to users and users to ambassadors. This model gives you a very clear and straightforward overview of how to set up a conversion path to the desired behaviour you need or want. Therefore, the model is also valuable for both internal and external campaigns. It shows how you should build up your messaging to make them useful.

We’ll end this module by an interactive workshop. You’ll be playing around with the Flow Model™ and apply it to the course case, so you’ll get the feel how the model works and come up with ideas fast.

The Prototyping Module

In this last module, we reach the final step of The Behavioural Design Method™: Prototyping. We’ll start off by explaining to you how prototyping beats predicting and planning and will help you to minimize your risks to fail big. We’ll not only tell you about the importance of prototyping, but we’ll also show you what prototypes are and how to make them. In an interactive workshop, you’ll start making prototypes for the ideas you and your team came up with in the Ideation module.

We then move into a workshop that will bring the whole Behavioural Design Method™ together so that you can experience the magic of the model working as a whole. You’ll bring the skills you acquired in the Research module into practice. You’ll be testing your ideas via prototypes by interviewing your peers. You’ll get feedback (using your skills from the Research module to spot new behavioural insights). You’ll use them a second round of Ideation (using the skills you acquired in the Ideation module to improve your ideas and their flow), and you’ll again test the improved prototypes (using the skills you learned in the Prototyping module to come to a working strategy and idea).

Next up in this module will be teaching you how you can use behavioural psychology to convince other people of your working strategies and ideas. We’ll hand you our Behavioural Bias Overview™, which gives you very hands-on tools to pitch your ideas to win. And we’ll teach you how to set-up the ultimate 5-minute pitch. We’ll end this module – and our two-day program – with a presentation. Together with your teammates, you’ll be doing a 5-minute pitch to convince a jury and your fellow students of your solution for the behavioural design challenge you’ve been working on.

We’ll end this module with an official graduation and graduation drink. Did you know you get an official certificate and if you’re a NIMA student, you’ll get accredited 15 NIMA points? We’re one of the highest accredited NIMA educations. By the end of this module, you’re an official behavioural designer, ready to take on the wicked problems of your organization (or the world) using behavioural psychology. Well done!

How will your teams learn?

We combine two days of live training, with six months of weekly digital lessons.
To make sure the training will get your company the success you are looking for.

2 days

Master Classes & Workshops

In a combination of high-end master classes and interactive workshops, everyone will learn how human decision making works and how you can translate this knowledge into working strategies and ideas.

6 months

Continuous Learning

This is followed-up by six months of digital training. Every week everyone receives a new lesson in their inbox with mini master classes, new tools or practical tips that will deepen and advance their skills and knowledge.

life time

Personal Growth & Success

To apply what you learn is hard when daily reality kicks in again. The success formula of the BDA is that after the two days, we guide your teams for six more months to help them use the method they’ve mastered.

In-Company training is tailor-made

The difference between the open edition and the in-company edition of the Foundation Course is
that the in-company training is customized.

Company Case

During the two days, the theory is applied to an actual company case. Learning by doing.


The in-company can be held at our offices with all hospitality included or we’re also happy to come to you.


The in-company course can be tailor-made by add-ons such as Refreshment Days or master classes.


A kick-off briefing meeting is included to make sure the training is tailored to a relevant company challenge.

This is included in the tuition fee


Two days of live master classes and 6 months of digital learning. This mixed learning formula will boost the success rate of your team’s new skills mastery.


All course presentations, materials and tools for your teams to download and use as many times as they like, accessible 24/7 and updated regularly.

Alumni extra’s

Access to the exclusive alumni community and to Refreshment Days to keep the learning and contact with like-minded peers going.


Everyone will receive a certificate of recognition as Behavioural Designer, worth 15 NIMA points.


Breakfast, snacks, lunch, graduation drink, help with finding a hotel, Amsterdam insider tips, it’s all included.


All Foundation Course alumni get access to discounted alumni fees for all other BDA master classes and events.

The key to influencing people is
becoming radically human-centered.

In just two days your team will:

Know how human-decision making works
Understand which forces shape behaviour
Master the art of influencing choice
Know how to unlock valuable human insights
Discover opportunities to change behaviour
Be able to c
reate ideas that people will embrace
Learn how to prototype and validate these quickly
Get people to buy your ideas or products
Understand how to present ideas to win

“BDA knocks down some of the innate ideas on marketing and communication completely. And replaces them with well-founded and easy to apply alternatives.”

Twan Timmermans
Head of Communication Municipality Apeldoorn

“A very nice curriculum that provides an excellent balance between theory and practice in which you learn how to apply the power of psychological techniques in your daily practice.”

Jildert Huitema
Manager Marketing | Digital Intelligence – Randstad

These books are covered in the program

We'll teach your teams the essential insights from the latest and best books on behavioural and human psychology.

Did you know we're an official educational institution? We're accredited by both NIMA and the CRKBO based on our curriculum, our method of teaching and our general conditions.

About your teachers and why we picked them

Astrid Groenewegen

  • Founder Behavioural Design Academy
  • Social Scientist
  • Behavioural Designer
  • Speaker & Columnist

Tom de Bruyne

  • Founder SUE Amsterdam
  • Psychologist
  • Popular Keynote speaker
  • Fellow University Leuven

Jorn Craeghs

  • Teacher Academy
  • Certified Scrum-master
  • Insights Lead
  • Guest lecturer & speaker

We help people from organizations across industries to make the transition from being strictly product oriented, towards being service oriented and human-centered.

What kind of companies join?

People from the companies who join are all experienced like-minded professionals who have to influence people in one way or the other, but all feel their missing link to succeed is gaining a deep understanding of human psychology and behaviour. We’ve had marketers join who want to convince clients of their products. HR managers who need people to embrace change. Entrepreneurs who have to convince investors. Governmental advisors who need people to follow policies.

Financial & service organizations

HR & internal change professionals

Creative and marketing agencies

Governmental & Non-Profit

We've been teaching Behavioural Design at

Why your teams will learn more from live lessons with workshops


As behavioural designers, we wanted to create a learning experience that works. By submerging your team for two days in live master classes and integrating theory into workshops with practical assignments (and not as homework or self-study), we do a behavioural intervention. We make the desired behaviour of your team easier. They will make time for learning and will apply the acquired skills right away. The included six-month follow-up and optional refreshment days & implementation workshops will ensure this training sticks.

Our Foundation Course has a completion rate of 98%


We make sure we don’t let your team go after the two days. It’s difficult to prioritize learning over urgent items on their to-do list or fight of colleagues and pressing home matters. Our two-day program has a completion rate of 98%, meaning the number of people who are there for 100% during the two days. The follow up with six months of digital learning makes sure your team members truly master the theory and skills. As Behavioural Designers we’ve designed the program in that way, that we’ll make sure your team will do things differently.

Small groups for a maximum learning curve

Learning by doing, 100% actionable skills

The Academy is located in Amsterdam City Centre

A certified human-centered leadership training

  • Taught in both Dutch and English
  • Suited for people in profit and non-profit organizations
  • Suited for people working outside communication or marketing
  • Official educational institution
  • Small groups, a maximum learning curve
  • Two full-days; including lunch, drinks, graduation drink
  • 100% actionable skills, learning by doing
  • Rare chance to learn from the frontrunners in the industry
  • No former experience in psychology or design needed

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Simply browse through the carousel to find the answers.

Find out how the program can help your team to reach their goals

Program Brochure

If you want to know more about the curriculum, the tuition fee, the timings or if you’d like to learn more about how behavioural psychology can help you realize your ideas. You can download our brochure. We’ll explain in detail what the two-day program is about and what you’ll learn.


To us, the best way to judge whether we’re worth your investment, is listening to former students. We’ve already trained many students from many different backgrounds and they’re your best source of information on the quality level of The Behavioural Design Academy curriculum.


Still hungry to find out some more? We love the curious and investigative mind! To help you find out if The Behavioural Design Academy is right for you, we’ve listed the answers to the questions we’re most frequently asked. The BDA isn’t right for everyone, but let’s find out if it fits you.