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Join our Behavioural Design Sprint, and develop evidence-based strategies and ideas that will influence behaviour. Not on gut feeling, but based on behavioural psychology and user prototyping.

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When to do a sprint?

You need to put acceleration in your problem solving, but want to do it smartly? You need to become truly customer-centric, but don’t know how to do it systematically? You need some evidence your user or customer will truly buy or embrace your product or service, and not just say they will? You need to increase your impact and success rates and are intrigued to put some behavioural science into your project? Then a Behavioural Design Sprint is perfect for you.

What do you get?

A proven systematic approach that will help you solve even the most complex behavioural challenges quickly. We combine design thinking – to get radically human-centered insights – with the science of influence. We’ll join forces teaming up you with two of our experienced Behavioural Designers to come up with working solutions and ideas fast. And we’ll get the consumer in, making sure everything we do is tested and validated.

What is the investment?

Our Behavioural Design Sprint is a fixed investment of 27.900,- excluding VAT. This includes qualitative interviews before the sprint to unlock Behavioural Insights, the Strategy Develop & Ideation Sprint with two expert Behavioural Designers and Rapid Prototyping including qualitative interviews. Combining research, strategy, ideation, and testing in one smart outcome driven project.

Met SUE doe je geen gewone design sprint, maar je duikt in het brein om te achterhalen hoe je klanten kunt bewegen naar het gewenste gedrag!

In een week tijd zijn we samen met SUE vanuit de mens gaan kijken hoe we onze belangrijkste propositie van T-Mobile simpeler en toegankelijker kunnen maken door barrières weg te nemen. Dit is echt een aanvulling op een “normale” design sprint, doordat je leert hoe je mensen kunt bewegen en wat ze tegenhoudt en hoe je dit met ingrijpen (zowel tekstueel, vorm, of inhoud) kunt wegnemen.”

Viola Rijnsdorp
Senior Marketing Manager T-Mobile

With SUE you don’t do a regular design sprint, but you dive into the human brain to unlock insights on how to move your clients towards the desired behaviour!

In a week’s time, we have really taken the viewpoint of the human being to see if we could make the T-Mobile value proposition more clear and accessible by taking away barriers. This truly is complementary to a “normal” design sprint, as you learn how to move people and what is stopping them, and how to take down barriers by interventions (both in the text, visually or in content).”

A Behavioural Design Sprint is right for you if you want to...

Become truly customer-centric
Increase your impact with human-first strategies and ideas
Make your marketing & communication persuasive
Accelerate your strategy & creative process
Close the gap between research insights and strategy & creativity
Save budget by combining research, strategy, ideation and testing
Improve your consumer decision journeys
Develop evidence-based creativity
Get people beyond intentions, but into action

A Behavioural Design Sprint is not right for you if you want to...

Don’t want to learn from your users/consumers
Be primarily brand focussed not human focussed
Avoid transforming knowledge that challenges paradigms
Stick to inside-out thinking instead of outside-in
Don’t want to be involved with your expertise in the process

What is our method?

In the Behavioural Design Sprint we'll go through the Behavioural Design Method™, which is a systematic approach to turn deep human understanding into ideas that change behaviour.

What will we do together?


The method starts with unlocking insights into human psychology and decision-making. Which helps us to truly get deep human understanding. What are dreams, hopes, fears of people? What holds them back and what pushed them forward? Which anxieties, prejudgements or goals do they have. We'll unravel the psychology of your target group.


We'll bring these insights together in a systematic way using a tool we've created called The Influence Framework™ uncovering the forces that will drive people to the desired behaviour or hold them back, and revealing new and exciting opportunities to become relevant as your brand and create the impact you're looking for.


Then we'll come up with ideas that will effectively change behaviour using proven principles from the science of influence. These ideas could be better value propositions, exciting customer experiences, products or services that help people reach their goals. We'll have a method that will turn everyone in the team into a creative.


We start with human psychology but also end with it by bringing the human into the prototyping phase. The finishing part of our process is that we test our ideas with the actual target audience as quickly as possible. This enables us to refine and improve our concepts based on the feedback of the people we're designing for and not on our own hunches.

The Breakdown

We combine design sprinting, with qualitative research and behavioural psychology.
Our expertise is to connect the science of influence with creativity.



Insight: to deeply understand the psychology of the target group we start by conducting six qualitative interviews to understand the forces that shape their decision-making process. We combine these insights with learnings from other available research.

Sprint day 1

Sprint day 1: This day is all about spotting opportunities using a systematic approach to fill in our easy to understand and use Influence Framework™ model which is rooted in behavioural psychology.

Sprint day 2

This day is all about coming up with as many solutions as possible for the opportunity we spotted. We'll use behavioural psychology to come up with ideas that will actually change behaviour.

Sprint day 3

Day three is all about selecting the best ideas that we will turn into prototypes. Which ideas have the most potential to change behaviour or shape the behaviour the way we want it shaped?

Sprint day 4

On day four we'll be translating the ideas into prototypes. Materials that are good enough to get the strategies or ideas across and gather feedback from. These are rough sketches, first copy lines, quickly set-up landing pages and so on.

Sprint day 5

Is one of the most exciting days. We'll be showing our prototypes to five users/consumers from our target group. This day is all about learning so we can refine our ideas based on real feedback of actual users.

Delivery & implementation workshop

After the sprint, we'll provide you with a very hands-on document with all the learnings that are crucial to consider if you want to direct behaviour. We'll make sure you really can translate those learnings into actions by rounding off the sprint with a half-day implementation workshop in which we'll help you transform learnings into action steps.

By doing a Behavioural Design Sprint you force yourself to think outside-in. This way you'll discover how inclined we are to make assumptions about our target groups that are simply wrong.

This is included in the investment


We’ll make a test plan, select candidates, do six qualitative interviews, analyze the interviews, and plot them on our Influence Framework™ revealing opportunities to change behaviour.


We will unlock new opportunities to be relevant or to create impact as a brand, or spot opportunities to increase the success rate of an existing product, service or campaign.


We’ll translate these opportunities into strategies or ideas that will change behaviour using proven principles from the science of influence. We’ll boost the succes rate of ideas using behavioural psychology.


We’ll turn these ideas into prototypes. Could be value propositions, landing pages, ads, copy test, dummy products, moodboards, brand manifestos, etc. We test these by interviewing 5 new respondents in qualitative research.


We’ll deliver an influence strategy, a very practical and hands-on document with the most crucial learnings from the sprint. You’ll know where to go or what and especially how to optimize your ideas to get people to move in the direction you want them to go.


We help you with a half-day implementation workshop to turn the learnings into action. We’ll help you prioritze and we’ll give you very hands-on advice on how to get things moving. We’ll decide together were you need help the most.

Former clients

We have done Behavioural Design Sprints with clients such as Campina, ABN AMRO, Amnesty International, ANWB, Humanitas, Rijkswaterstaat, CliniClowns, Beweging 3.0, UNHCR, VVD, Hampshire Eden Hotels, Fit for Free / SportCity, and more.

In the sprint, we test our ideas as quickly as possible with the actual target audience. This enables us to refine, and improve our concepts based on the feedback of the real people we're trying to convince and not on our own hunches.

Get in touch

Would you like to have some more information? Curious how a Behavioural Sprint can solve your (complex) puzzle?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Tom De Bruyne. He can tell you all about the process, the cases we solved, and he can give you insight in how the Behavioural Design Sprint can help you on your specific challenge. He’s happy to help you!

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