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Unlock the power of behavioural psychology to get the most out of your employees, customers or yourself.

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We facilitate sprints, train, and run masterclasses.

If you need to influence customer, employee, citizen or even your own behaviour or want to learn how to do this yourself
we can help you by using our Behavioural Design Method. A proven process to influence minds and shape human behaviour.

Which behaviour can you design?

Customer: increase your sales and retention by getting people to buy, visit, recommend, donate or return.
Organisation: change team behaviours to become more creative, productive, innovative and happy or get them to embrace change.
Citizen: help citizens to make better decisions on wealth, health and happiness and act upon policies.
Your own: achieve goals, be more successful, and improve your leadership skills with better habits.

How do you want Behavioural Design to work for you?

I want to become an expert
in influencing behaviour

Do you want to master the Behavioural Design Method yourself, so you can come up with working strategies and ideas that will influence minds and shape behaviour? Discover our (custom-made) trainings, workshops, and masterclasses. Both for individuals as companies.

Take me to the SUE | Behavoural Design Academy

I need to solve a challenge
that requires influence

Do you have a business or innovation challenge you need to turn into a success, but don’t want to spend weeks to get results? Book a Behavioural Design Sprint, in which you get validated answers that will influence minds and shape behaviour using the Behavioural Design Method.

Take me to the SUE | Behavioural Design Sprint

What is Behavioural Design, and why should you care?

What is Behavioural Design? Video 4.15 min.

“With SUE you don’t do a regular design sprint, but instead you take a deep dive in the brain to reveal how you can move your clients to desired behaviour. In one week we’ve – together with SUE – taken a human centered perspective on how to simplify the T-Mobile proposition, and how to make it more accessible. This truly is an addition to a ‘regular’ design sprint as you learn what keeps people in certain behaviour, how you can get people to act, and how you can trigger behaviour with tangible interventions (both in copy, visually and strategically)”.

Viola Rijnsdorp
Senior Marketing Manager T-Mobile

“I decided to attend SUE Behavioural Design Academy instead of going to Hyper Island or SXSW. I wasn’t disappointed. During the two days, my eyes opened up. Theoretical and interactive sessions on human behaviour created a new way of thinking and created a feeling that the possibilities of this knowledge are unlimited.”


Jeroen De Bock
Digital Project Manager Mortierbrigade

A look inside a SUE Behavioural Design Sprint

Applying the Behavioural Design Method for you or with you on a real challenge.

We go from insight to testing within 3 weeks

We come up with tangible strategies and ideas

We can do a sprint for you or sprint together with you

A look inside SUE Behavioural Design Academy

Teaching you the Behavioural Design Method so you can solve challenges yourself.

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