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What is the Behavioural Design Academy?

What is the curriculum? Which skills will I learn?

Who is the Academy right for? What kind of people join?

How will I learn? What's included in the tuition fee?

What is next?


Free Habit Training

I am sending you an email right now with the free training I think you will really enjoy. The training will be teaching you a simple technique to help you achieve personal (or business) goals using habits. It will give you a first practical taste of how Behavioural Design can help you be more successful. It's fun, and it works!

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Our sincere mission is to help as many people as possible to unlock the power of behavioural psychology to make better choices in work, life, and play. That's why we have a bonus for you. For 11 Tuesdays I will send you a short, single-topic email each containing a mini masterclass in which I'll show you how to use simple behavioural psychology techniques in daily life that will help you change behaviour. Of yourself or others.

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